Theory of Change steps

Step 1

1. The long term goal. A possible long-term goal can be:

Small scale businesses with livable wages for rural women

Step 2

2. Conducting backwards mapping to identify the preconditions that need to happen to be able to reach this long-term goal.

We need to ask the question “what if?” If we do want small businesses with livable wages for rural women what other pre-conditions/changes do we need to see?

We need to see a. women who are presentable and able to talk with customers

b. Women travel on their own and talk to men in the market with a

professional attitude

c. Women bargain for good prices

d. Women managing their time well.

The above are all outcomes that are based on behaviour. These outcomes are the changes we need to see so that the long term goal can be reached.

We do not just write down the changes but we need to specify them with indicators. You want to measure if you get the right results and therefore you need indicators. Some indicators here to measure your results are:

a. Women look representable, speak polite, insist when needed and are clear to customers about what they can do and the timing they need. Quality indicator

b. 75% of the customers refer other clients because customer satisfaction. Quantity indicator

We have some assumptions of course that guided us through setting these outcomes.

Assumption 1 Women need to gain appropriate professional behaviour and not just a skill, to be able to sell their quality and work.

Assumption 2: Women are very well able to earn their own money and become part of the economic process.

Assumption 3: Traditional behaviour can change and there are women out there wanting it to change.

Step 3

3. Identifying outputs

As you saw the above is a change in behaviour, to be able to receive a change in behaviour we need to map the changes in skills, knowledge, awareness, thinking, traditions and attitude. Not all of them might be appropriate, depending on your project.

Several outputs in this TOC can be:
Do not forget to put indicators with the outputs too.

  • 15 Women learn a marketable skill and complete the training course
  • Women are motivated and motivate their husbands to work together with them for their families, they are able now to leave the house and go to work
  • Women know and understand how to deliver a message that will help them to market their products.
  • Women recognise and can produce quality work for the market.
  • Men changed their attitude towards their women and allow them to work

How does the picture look like?

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