Bunyad has a strong commitment to work towards sustainable development of organisations. We strive to enable our clients to become independent and able to perform the work they have been trained in by Bunyad. We see it as our integrity to improve professional skills. We like to see managers and employees with better judgement, better decision making, courageous in their work, innovative and creative.

Our understanding of sustainability is in the following components:

  1. Financial, by looking for local donations, income generating projects, small businesses. Using money and resources efficient and effective.
  2. Community participation/ownership, the community needs to take responsibility in running the project and dedicate time, material and/or money towards the projects. We have experience in teaching basic project cycle management skills to community groups, to enable them to take over the projects.
  3. Networking with other NGO’s and the government, to receive services and create possibilities of coalitions.
  4. Capacity building in management, strategic thinking, and in understanding of the real issues and causes of the problem, to enable an organisation in working on the right solutions.

We teach strategic planning through:

  • Theory of change with a result chain
  • Most significant change in monitoring and result based planning.
  • Monitoring systems that will show the results of your interventions
  • Report Writing that will show clear results and changes and that makes it easy to analyse your projects/programs
  • How to analyse your results and best practices
  • Managerial skills that will help you to run your organisation efficient and effective.

We use for this participatory tools for organisations and communities.

Our services are very diverse, but have one thing in common they are practical. We use new concepts and insights that can be immediately implemented.

Ghazanfar Grasroots Acting CEO September 2016

This training was very practical and according to our needs. My staff is very enthusiastic about this training.

Dick Klein Hessenlink Consultant SEWA Pak June 2014

In SSEWA-Pak (www.ssewa-pak.org) Rattanabad/MirpurKhas some colleagues of mine are already taking training from BUNYAD. They are great!

Karin Murk Special Kids Pakistan June 2014

The new Bunyad sounds as great as we have seen in the past ! very good !

Naseem Anthony General Secretary AWAM May 2014

We realy like your consultancies, because our staff feel relaxed, they can easily respond and the atmosphere is good.