We have ten years of experience with consultancy projects for Pakistani, other South Asian and Western clients.

Our specialty is to facilitate in all training sessions the strategic planning and discussion to create an environment in which organizational staff learns to think creative and innovative.

Our staff is trained to draw out the knowledge already present in people and use this in developing top of the list planning and we look for solutions that will be the best given the present situation and possibilities.

Our staff can bridge the gap between Western donor organizations, their expectations, and the Pakistani realities.

Some of our main Consultancies in 2017 and 2018

Evaluation Tear Australia SaCHA TB project Sindh

  • Evaluation of Development and TB project Thar desert
  • Designing organizational strategic planning for the future
  • Household surveys in 34 villages

Multan Women Christian Hospital evaluation

  • Evaluation of the development project
  • Developing future planning and designing of new project planning sessions
  • Baseline survey planning

Shirkat - Gah

  • Developing a module on leadership for women groups, includes participatory Community Development in setting up small projects, conduction meetings, report writing, and financial administration, conflict management and running efficient meetings.
  • Train the trainer program for women and staff.
  • Writing proposals for USAID and developing a new strategy for the set up of women groups and their development.
  • Training on advocacy and lobby methods

RASKOB partners

  • Developing analytical thinking in partners
  • Training on activity and monitoring report writing, showing changes and learning
  • Developing the network through collaboration
  • Most Significant Change Story training
  • Understanding changes in the light of the Theory of Change and designing activities that bring about changes

People with a Mission, Dutch development organization (a network of 13 organizations)

  • Developing an advocacy/lobby strategy with the government on a national and provincial level
  • Training and coaching sessions in Theory of change/ result change and Most Significant Change stories
  • Participatory planning and monitoring tools
  • Evaluation of capacity of 13 organizations


  • Capacity building of the MEAL team in accountability and learning practices
  • Evaluation of TEAR Fund Australia project


  • Training Theory of Change and proposal writing training session of five days
  • Handbook of the training for TOT prepared
Ghazanfar Grasroots Acting CEO September 2016

This training was very practical and according to our needs. My staff is very enthusiastic about this training.

Dick Klein Hessenlink Consultant SEWA Pak June 2014

In SSEWA-Pak (www.ssewa-pak.org) Rattanabad/MirpurKhas some colleagues of mine are already taking training from BUNYAD. They are great!

Karin Murk Special Kids Pakistan June 2014

The new Bunyad sounds as great as we have seen in the past ! very good !

Naseem Anthony General Secretary AWAM May 2014

We realy like your consultancies, because our staff feel relaxed, they can easily respond and the atmosphere is good.