We enable organisations and professionals to perform better, deliver good quality and work professional which will help them to instigate a long term impact within communities and/or society.

Therefore we not just have our consultancy sessions, but also we provide individuals and organisations with the right knowledge and practice through our Diploma Course and Training sessions.

Diploma Course

In our Diploma Course students will learn the basics on how to run a project and how to set up an administration and finance administration for their organisation.

Our modules are based on developing skills and in every module there are practical assignments that students have to do to get their certificate. Students will show that they not just received more knowledge, but that they have gained a skill and are ready to use it.

Expert training sessions

Our Courses for experts, are for those people who already have experience.

Our philosophy is that learnings happens through:

  • Both gaining knowledge and experience.

We will train and coach you in practical solutions. We use
Pakistani case-studies and your own organisational experience.
We will draw out your abilities and help you to use them.

  • Developing peoples talents,skills and ambitions

We give knowledge and skills to your people and organisationWe have real assignments and practicals

  • Learning beyond the classroom

We use coaching, organisational training sessions, workshops and networking to enhance your practical skills

Rakhil Manager language center Lahore May 2014

"This course is very practical and helpful, I can use my practical assignments immediately in my work"